Get Started with Ignition Interlock from Smart Start MN

At Smart Start MN, we are ready to help you navigate Minnesota’s Ignition Interlock program, and start driving again today.

We understand that every Minnesota driver’s situation is different. We also know that it is difficult to deal with the effects of a DWI, and we are here to help you through a confusing process. Our staff are located in Minneapolis, and are specifically trained on Minnesota’s Ignition Interlock Program. Because of this, we have all of the answers to your ignition interlock questions.

We make sure the service you receive is customized to your specific needs and we make sure you are taken care of. You have enough to deal with, having an ignition interlock device installed in your car should not be stressful.

Fill out your contact information below and someone from our Minnesota Call Center staff will reach out and help you get started on the path to driving.