Smart Start MN is the most technologically advanced ignition interlock companies in the market today. We offer a mix of hardware, software and service advances that make Smart Start MN the place to go for entering the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program.

Equipment Designed for Minnesota Winters

We know that our winters get cold here. Smart Start MN’s interlock equipment is designed for that weather. Our testing equipment if removable from your vehicle so you don’t have to leave it in the cold. Because it is removable, you can keep it warm, so there is no 15 minute warm-up time required. Other companies can’t make that claim.

Minnesota Trained Sales Staff

The staff at Smart Start MN is not only located in Minnesota, they have been trained on the details of the Minnesota Interlock Program. This means that they can answer ALL of your questions about the Program, and how to get you back to legal driving as quickly as possible. No one else can make that claim.

Owned by Lawyers

Smart Start MN is owned and operated by lawyers who helped craft the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program. They understand the ins and outs of the Program, and can advise about all aspects of your requirements for getting back to legal driving.

Flat-Fees and No Lengthy Leases

Only Smart Start MN has an industry-leading Flat-Fee Lease. That means that the price that we quote is the only price you will pay. There are no hidden or undisclosed fees. The one fee covers everything associated with being on the Ignition Interlock. Likewise, we do not require a set lease term in order to get a “special” price. If you are ever unsatisfied with Smart Start MN, you can remove at any time.

We Work for You

As a user of Smart Start MN equipment, we believe that you are our client. Some other Interlock Companies believe that that State of Minnesota is their client, and will sacrifice you to maintaining their relationship with the State. We want to see that you enter and leave the interlock program in the shortest time possible.

Assistance with Violations

If you think that the State of Minnesota has wrongly assessed you with a violation or extension, we will review that for you and reach out to the State if there is an error.

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