Smart Start MN’s Price Guarantee:

No Hidden Fees or Long-Term Contracts

Flat Fee: Same Price Every Month with No Hidden Charges

Only Smart Start MN includes all of these features in our flat fee pricing guarantee.

Smart Start MN Competition
All providers charge an installation fee. The fee can vary with more complicated installations.
All providers charge a fee for removal. Removal fees are fairly standardized and almost never vary.
Monthly Fee
All providers charge a monthly fee for service. Smart Start MN is the only provider to guarantee a flat-rate fee.
Lawyers available to answer questions
Only Smart Start MN is owned by attorneys who are qualified to provide advice on the legal aspects of the ignition interlock program.
Comprehensive Knowledge of MN Interlock Program
Only Smart Start MN has been providing Minnesota drivers with Ignition Interlock services since 2006. Smart Start has been involved in the crafting of Minnesota’s Ignition interlock program, and Smart Start representatives give seminars throughout Minnesota to clients, lawyers, and legislators.
No Calibration Fee
While some providers charge an additional calibration fee every month, Smart Start MN includes calibration as part of the Monthly Service Fee. Smart Start MN will never charge an additional fee for calibration
No Download Fee
Unlike some providers, Smart Start MN will never charge for downloading data. Data downloads are part of the monthly service fee.
No Data Transmittal Fee
Smart Start MN will never charge for sending your data to the State of Minnesota.
No Late Appointment Fee
Some providers will charge a Late or Missed Appointment fee if a client is not on time for their interlock calibration appointment. These fees can range from $25.00 – $65.00. Smart Start MN will never charge a Late Appointment Fee.
No Administrative Fee
Smart Start MN will never charge an administrative fee just to boost the bottom line. Many providers will add administrative fees simply to get around telling you their actual price.
No After Hours Phone Support Fee
Some providers will add a fee for After-Hours Phone Support with a person. Smart Start has administrative staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your questions, free of charge.
No Required Maintenance Plan Fee
Many providers, as a way to boost the actual revenue of the interlock, require a monthly maintenance plan. Smart Start MN does not require a maintenance plan of any sort.
No Long-Term Contract
Smart Start MN has a month to month lease with no required term. Many other providers will only give you their sweetheart rate if you sign a long-term lease. The long-term lease locks down your ablitiy to change vendors if you choose. All long-term contracts also have early termination fees that range from $100.00-$300.00.
No Lockout Fees (related to Program Violations)
All ignition interlocks are programmed to go into an early recall, or lockout condition, if the unit detects that it was tampered or circumvented, or if there were positive alcohol, or possibly even for maintenance. All other interlock providers will charge anywhere from $50.00 – $85.00 for this type of service. Smart Start MN does not charge for lockouts and builds them into the monthly service fee.
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