Jun 28

New Interlock Program – T-4 Days

On July 1, 2011, Minnesota’s new Ignition Interlock Program is currently scheduled to begin. On July 1, the State of Minnesota is also scheduled to shut down, with only essential service continuing past that date. domain name appraisals What does this mean for the driver arrested for DUI after July 1, and how will this effect those looking

to get into the new ignition interlock program.

In the first part of this series, I will outline changes to the DUI laws and how they will effect those arrested for DUI after July 1, 2011. In the second part of the series, I will discuss what Ignition Interlock is and how Ignition Interlock can get drivers back on the road. The third part of the series will look at the process for getting drivers back on the road with Ignition Interlock. The fourth and final part of the series will examine what the government shutdown (if it occurs) means for drivers and the Ignition Interlock program.