Jun 21

New Support Options Now Available Through SmartStartMN.com

At Smart Start MN, we are always looking for new, more efficient, methods for our customers to reach out to us when they are having an issue or simply trying to get an answer to a question. That is why we are excited to announce several new Support options that are now available to Smart Start MN clients.
The first one is our chat system that is live Monday through Friday, 8:15AM to 5:00 PM Central Time. When you go to www.smartstartmn.com, and are on a page longer than a few seconds, you will have an option to initiate a chat session with one of our helpful agents. These chats can be about almost any Ignition Interlock question that you could have. Simply provide some identifying information, and start chatting. Live Chatting with our agents can give you the real-time answers to questions that you have. Chatting gives our agents the ability to handle several chats at one time, and allow more customer questions to get answered in a shorter period of time, making our agents evennmore effective.
Do you have a question about the Interlock Program, but don’t need an answer right now? Try submitting a HelpDesk ticket to our system. These HelpDesk tickets could be anything from questions about the low breath volume variation request process, to questions about how to use the device. Our HelpDesk ticketing system allows us to take some extra time to make sure that we get you the right answer, without you having to sit on the phone, or even a chat.
Simply go to: http://smartstartmn.com/support-ticket/ and fill out the form, and someone should have an answer shortly.
While we always appreciate hearing from our customers, we hope that these new options get you the answers that you need faster and more completely than ever.
Smart Start MN
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