Dec 23

Service on Time to Avoid Program Extensions

Service Appointment Grace Period Issues Discovered

Minnesota Ignition Interlock Program Guidelines provide a 7 day Service Lock Grace Period, meaning that drivers can continue to drive as expected for up to 7 days after their scheduled service appointment.

However, we have recently learned that the Driver and Vehicle Services division of the Department of Public Safety has begun sanctioning Ignition Interlock Program participants who miss their calibration appointment. The sanction for missing a calibration appointment is 180 day extension of time in the Ignition Interlock Program.

Problematically, the grace period calculation that Driver and Vehicle Services built into their system is flawed/wrong. The calculation that they are using only provides for a 6-day grace period. If a driver services on day 7, DVS will likely extend that driver for 6 months.

Obviously, the best way to handle this situation is to service on or about your appointment date and not risk an extension of time. If you end up with an extension of time, contact one of our Customer Service representatives, by phone (952-224-7050), email ( chat ( or Helpdesk ticket (, and discuss how we can help you with an Administrative Review of your extension of time.