Nov 23

SSMN Recent Legal Action

Smart Start MN has been Minnesota’s premier Ignition Interlock Provider since 2006. For the past decade, Smart Start MN has worked closely with the Department of Public Safety to promote safe driving and to provide a pathway for driver’s arrested for DWI back to legal and safe driving.

In the last few months, pressure to implement a statewide, wireless Ignition Interlock Program has run headlong into opposition from members of the Legislature. With the legislative session coming quickly, we found ourselves caught between both entities with very few choices on how to move into the future.

With the full implementation date looming, we went Friday to the Department of Public Safety one final time to ask for relief. We are saddened that we could not reach any agreement. On Friday afternoon, we turned the matter over to our counsel to begin the litigation process.

We have been a partner with the Department of Public Safety for over 10 years, and we have every hope and belief that we will continue to partner with the Department for years into the future, protecting the safety of the citizens of Minnesota, and helping our customers get on the road legally and safely.

All services to our customers will remain uninterrupted, and we are pleased to regularly offer new services, such as our Mobile Installation Service, for the convenience of our customers.